Greg Tyrelle
Bioinformatics Territory Specialist

Commercially oriented bioinformatician with a wide range of experience in genomics data analysis. Ranging from small bacterial de novo genome assembly, to full scale whole human genome analysis and interpretation. Working closely with sales, I have a deep understand of how NGS technologies are being employed in markets such as academia, pathology/oncology, pharma, clinical and agribio. I specialize in taking complex bioinformatics analysis workflows, methods and statistical approaches and distilling these to their core concepts to communicate with customers.



Thermo Fisher

July 2019 - Present

Application Territory Specialist, Bioinformatics

I moved to the Application Territory Specialist team as the group's bioinformatics subject matter expert in 2019. I continue to support early access programs, now with a focus on Reproductive Health and Expanded Carrier Screening. Developing and supporting sequencing appraoches to detecting SARS-CoV-2 on the Genexus instrument has been a major effort since March 2020.

  • Developed internal training courses on Bioinformatics for the Field Application Science Team
  • Supported early access for the Oncomine Comprehensive assay Plus and Genexus Sequencing instrument
  • Supported early access for the Amplsieq SARS-CoV-2 panel with key public health institutes in Europe
  • Developed national database inetgration for pathology customers in the Netherlands
  • Consulting on custom (White Glove) Ampliseq Panel designs and analysis
Thermo Fisher

October 2014 - June 2019

Field Bioinformatics Scientist (Territory Specialist)

As the Territory Specialist in the Field Bioinformatics team, I manage technical support for key accounts on the Ion Torrent platform, early access technology programs, and escalations. Domains include AgriBio, Oncology Infectious Diseases.

I also act as manager and developer for Professional Services projects on the Ion Torrent Platform. Building accurate Statment of Work documents with clients for projects and definining deliverables.

  • Developed automated data anlysis pipelines and backend integration for AgriBio customers
  • Bioinformatics support lead in EMEA for Ion Torrent early access technology programs in Oncology
  • Consulting on novel Ampliseq application development
Thermo Fisher

2012 - 2014

Senior Field Bioinformatics Scientist

Pre and post sales support for SOLiD and Ion platforms, Professional Services (data analysis) and training.

  • Project manager and data analyst for whole human genome population study
  • Customer training and optimization of diagnostic gene panels in clinical setting
  • Study design and data analysis for key customer exome data platform comparison
Complete Genomics

2011 - 2012

Senior Field Application Scientist

Pre and post sales support for whole human genome data sets, both cancer and germline.

  • On-site customer data deliverables training
  • Assisted customers to solve rare disease cases with genome sequencing
DNAge B.V.

2009 - 2011

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Bioinformatics R&D role in small Dutch startup working aging interventions

  • Analyzed microarray data to support orphan drug clinical trial
  • Integrated data across different omics technologies to provide key insights into accelerated aging
Phalanx Biotech Group

2006 - 2009

Bioinformatics Manager

Managed a team of bioinformaticians doing R&D on microarray design and annotation:

  • Built customized human and mouse microarray annotation pipeline
  • Designed and implemented online data delivery service


University of New South Wales

NSW, Australia
2000 - 2004

PhD Bioinformatics

Developed ontologies and software tools for variant calling and annotation for a custom SBE genotyping array.


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NGS resequencing

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Personalized medicine

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Python programming

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NGS Transcriptomics

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Greg Tyrelle
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